Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top 5 WORST games of 2010

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 1

Not so surprising, the movie review of Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 1 gave an indication that something is wrong with ‘The Boy who lived’ this time. Dark is good for movies and books but for game dark is only appropriate if the game has zombies or monsters.

According to the book, there were only death eaters who could have been shown as monster, though the game has some good special effects but the storyline is smudged.
Harry looks like a stupid brat who is deeply enraged to kill Lord Voldemort, Oops! I just said it. Okay, ‘YOU KNOW WHO’, that he keeps on burping out Avara Kadavra every other moment. The game had a bestseller book story to portray but the developers failed to make something out of a brilliant story, which was the exact case with the movie director, David Yates.
The game Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 is also available on Microsoft Xbox Kinect which suggest that you can run and use spells too, try it there maybe you would lose some calories instead of losing your mind.
Fighters Uncaged

Fighters Uncaged is one of the biggest fails in the world of gaming, many video gaming geeks may fall off Mount Olympus after playing this game from Ubisoft. It is so surprising that the publishing house that has treated gamers with Prince of Persia have come up with such a disaster.

This strategy game doesn’t fit truly in any genre, it is no RPG, it is no Action game, and it is definitely not an adventure game. What is it? Who knows?
The storyline is plain, the gameplay lame and the character have no power. It feels like you are playing a game of 1950s when there were no games at all.
Iron man 2
Iron Man 2 Video game has seriously made everyone cry their hearts out, not because there is something emotional in the gameplay but the characters look like poor, old homage zombies, who want to suck your blood.

I have no sympathy with the game at all, I assure you that you won’t be able to complete this game and file a case in consumer court for refund that is how bad it is.
The game has one thing that stands above everything else, its actions, like the movie the game also shows some brilliant special effects. Lasers and Whiplash fight scene is brilliant in Iron Man 2 game as well.
Final Fantasy: XIV (14)
With the net getting stuffed with free and paid MMORPGs this one comes up as a disappointed as both RPG and MMORPG. World of Warcraft guys must be ashamed of coming up with such a disastrous multiplayer game.
First of all, every part of the gameplay looks unfinished, it seems as if they have hurriedly coded the whole thing up, check if it was working and then launched. I don’t know what went wrong, there are thousands of beta game testers in the world who would have turned it down at first play and saved thousands from playing this medieval graphic game.
RPGs like Age of Empires II have no alternative, they were the best and will remain in top positions, despite horrendous graphics, and they had solid gameplay and storyline at least. Final Fantasy XIV Online deserves to get place here.

And number one....
Quantum Theory

Quantum Theory is probably the least desired game of 2010; those who would have spent money to buy this one must be cursing themselves heavily. It was priced near to God of War: Ghost of Sparta but was a mile away from it metaphorically.
It has one of the most awful designs and game play one can make, the characters are designed as if they are from a different world. After the huge success of Halo everyone is trying to make as weird characters as they can.

On a side note everybody, this is based on opinion, not fact. If you like one of the games in this list thats fine.


  1. But FF14 was good and they promise change! I actually glitched into an "auction house" but was unable to get back into that room because I guess it isn't supposed to exist yet.

  2. I cant even list the bad games ive played. I get to play about 10 good games per system I own. the rest was crap.

  3. Yeah I'm a Final Fantasy fangirl but I would never touch 14 with a 10 foot pole. I've heard horrid things about it, and even IGN gave it a crappy rating. They rushed it out too fast

  4. Don't forget to had Cataclysm to that list and how blizzard screwed up a perfectly good game!